july 19, 2012

I am 53 years old, female. Year 2011 i was diagnose of having enlarge uterus with multiple intramural uterine myoma. Mild pelvocaliectasis, left kidney possibly due to infection or secondary to distal ureteral compression secondary to enlarged uterus. I am very much afraid of any surgery so until my myoma was not remove. My problem now is, I has been feeling back pain for some time now, so i undergo urinalysis but the result is normal. Right now i can feel my feet is swollen and my eyes i'm worried already. I went to see my OB-Gyne and have vaginal ultra sound it is seen that my myoma is getting bigger, so her advise is to remove but she did not advise me of  immediate operation she only said its up for me when i can decide. My question is, First is there any other possible treatment  that my myoma will be reduce by taking any herbal medicines or what ever. Second is  the swollen of my feet has a connection with the mild pelvocaliectasia, due to enlargement of my myoma?...Please help me i am very much bothered...thank you and more power