I am 43 years old. About three weeks ago, I started to have some very mild itching and burning in the rectal area. The discomfort seemed most pronounced when I sat. Walking and sleeping in bed caused no discomfort.

I have had no bleeding nor any discharge of any kind. I have not been constipated nor have I had diarrhea although my stools have been on the looser side for years.

I have had some mild cervical dyplasia that I am monitering and have had sonograms of my uterus, ovaries, and vagina about six months ago. Everything is normal there.

I had a pretty bad yeast infection in the spring that took two rounds of a one dose treatment (two doses total).

The discomfort is not excrutiating but I am worried. I am having a colonoscopy four days from now. I am worried that I have colorectal cancer but I really have none of the symptoms nor has anyone in my family ever been diagnosed with such.