I have been using the Mirena IUD along with oral Estrodial for four years. I have had acne/sores all over my body for about two years. Most of them are on my chin, along backbone and tailbone. Very painful, not itchy. have been through four rounds of Zithromax (antibiotic). I'm under the care of a dermatologist. In the last few weeks, I started extremely heavy bleeding (normally none) with clots, etc. Called GYN who recommended Ultrasound. Results showed no problems, but the bleeding continues. She said tests eliminated staff and bacterial infections and MRSA. Tried many prescription topicals. Yesterday I went to have the Mirena IUD removed and they could not, after diligent efforts (could not even find string), get it out. They suggested I see someone else. Could my skin condition and IUD problems be related in any way?? Note: I have no medical insurance. :'( :'( %-) :'( :'(