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Hello, (I am sorry for the TMI in advance) I have had 3 healthy full term pregnancies and 3 healthy children and just found out I was preg on Dec 28th and my last period was on November 25 (usually comes around the first of the month but not always exact) and on Dec 31st I had a couple of pink to brownish spotting episodes and than it stopped. Around the 6th of Jan I started spotting light pink again and the next day I had a couple light gushes of a pinkish bleed with mild discomfort in the abdomen and top of bottom below lower back so i went into emerge and they could only see a sac and deemed it a threatened miscarriage and set up an apt for the EPAU. After that each day it gradually got heavier until it eventually turned into a period like bleed. I normally have a heavy period so it was hard for me to tell. The day I went to the EPAU I stopped at the bathroom and passed clots and a greyish purple bloody tissue that I swore was the sac and cried my eyes out. They did an internal ultrasound and didnt see anything but a thick linning. They said I had a miscarraige and wanted to monitor my hcg. I had lost all my symtoms for pregnancy and was devastated. The next day they called and said my blood work showed an increase from 881 to 1320 and wanted me to get more tests this coming monday. Now 3 days after that call my breasts are back to being sore. Is it possible that I could still be preg? 1st blood test was 563, 2nd was 881, and 3rd was 1320. Not doubling but still rising. Bleeding just started to slow down but still dark red on jan 15. So frustrated and confused. I really dont want to lose my baby.


Hi Jamie-Lee,

I'm sorry for what you're going through.

If you didn't have the rising hCG levels I'd agree that it was a miscarriage.  Since the hCG is made in the placenta, at least a portion of it is still present.

It is very early for an ultrasound to reveal much detail.  The sac generally appears at about 4 weeks along. 

You do need more tests. 

Hang in there.