alright so heres my story:
dec 23-period
jan 24/25-period
feb 26/27-period
april-noting, pregnant
may 05 miscarriage
started spotting b4 that so went 2 e.r ect.
something like my hcg w.e was low
had ultrasound done next day
there was a sac and everything but no bby
suppost to have been 10w but may measured at 5w2d
anyways that sac came out and everything
well my miscarriage was 7w1days ago & i HAVENT had my period since
although i took a hpt today and yesterday & they BOTH were POSITIVE
so anyways does this mean im pregnant again already
im going on thur. to the health department to find sumthing out
am i at higher risk 4 another miscarriage bcuz i just had one
& no period afterwards or do you think i'll be okay & have a health bby
this ever happen to anyone else? lol

Please repost back, im really looks for opinion and hope =]