Has anyone had a misdiagnosis re rectal prolapse? My first opinion diagnosed mucosal rectal prolapse 2nd opinion same third opinion from leading surgeon St Marks Bowel hospital London diagnosed a full thickness rectal prolapse !! Ism now waiting tests to evaluate how high up this prolapse is and thank god I waited to see this surgeon at one if UK centre of excellence Bowel Hospital leading surgeon! I cannot express how frustrated annoyed I am that two senior colorectal surgeons made a mistake and how they both could not think out of the box! Both of these surgeons wanted to carry out what they call an extreme haemoroidectomy type operation where they literally strip or pull out mucosal lining cut it off and stitch it back inside your anus. How barbaric! The final surgeon mentioned about Delorme method and that it was not a painful procedure to undergo.. Well I would like to hear from anyone that has had a Delorme procedure and just a Laparascopic rectopexy I am now worried that further tests will show how high up prolapse starts and side effects of having laparascopic surgery to repair prolapse and also worry that they may need to repair from anal end as well Anyone out there is welcome to reply as I am so anxious re all of this!