I have seen 2 Colorectal surgeons London. Neither of them have been frank enough to say which way they would operate. The rectal Mucosal prolapse was mentioned that a painful haemorroidectomy would be done but nothing was mentioned re Delormes procedure! My harmorroids do not cause a problem and are very small only 2 of them. The most important factor is this ; I take a drug that reacts with numerous medications. Cannot take morphine Ibrufen . Have allergic reactions to some pain killing drugs causing wheezing coughing.

Can a Doctor who has knowledge of Delormes method to fix rectal mucosal prolapse tell me the following : how successful us this operation and how long does it last without getting into problems with constipation? My rectal mucosal prolapse is on a few centimetres protruding on bowel movement. Must grins so far gave told me to leave alone and live with it as post op pain is not to be taken lightly and they felt I would mentally not be able to cope. Do surgeons only repair mucosal sleeve prolapse without touching the harmorroids if these are not causing a problem ? How come mucosal prolapse is operated using haemorroidectomy method when there is a delorme method wgat is difference between the two ops?

Finally I take Nardil MAOI drug since 1988. I had exploratory procedure with anaesthetic and all ok as anaesthetist was clued up on what to give me etc so no problem there. Where there is a problem post op is not being able to take morphine and Ibrufen .

Re rectocele ; I was TF by surgeon to digitate and he and a nurse showed me exactly where to digitate by surgeon inserting his finger in my rectum whe lying on my back . He pushed into the vaginal wall where rectocele was a few inches inside opposite side of wall to vagina while I placed my finger a few inches after entrance of my vagina to meet his indentation of his finger . I did not realise the exact position location of rectocele till surgeon showed me and biofeedback nurse did not show me either! I have purchased a product called Femeeze shoehorn shape mould that you insert into vagina to push against rectocele instead of using your fingers. 

Surgeon said that if after bowel Movement I cannot get the rectocele to empty out further trapped faecal matter then that feeds back to him that rectocele is not worth operating on! He said that operating transvaginally through perineum to repair anterior rectocele is not always successful and makes no difference after operation. I then questioned surgeon after radiologist who works at St Marks bowrl hospital who privately reviewed my proctogram suggested more fluoroscopic tests being another MRI sitting upright to evaluate rectocele . Surgeon then commented not to have any more MRI tests being a second on as a fluoroscopic image of how rectocele is operating as this would be another dose of radiation ! So why did an Nhs hospital colorectal surgeon make me have a MRI proctogram lying down flat when this clearly is not the best method of evaluating anterior rectocele? I am now into my third opinion from lead surgeon of St Narks Bowel hospital and will be interested in how they view my rectocele matter to operate or not as well as Delorme procedure verses haemoroidectomy or are these the same operation technique ?? Very frustrating that surgeons do not lay their cards fully in the table whether private or nhs !

Can a doctor on this site care to comment in order to clarify my questions and answer whether they agree with surgeon re rectocele scenario? Many thanks as very stressed out trying to understand best sag to manage if possible . Biofeedback Nhs clinics London are so overbooked that I will end up kayjng fir a private physio to show me and evaluate my pelvic floor muscles that are very week so far seen only one Gyni pelvic floor surgeon who could not comment re strengthening pelvic floor in addition to exercises. I just hope my third opinion is clearer in management physio verses operation for rectocele and operation re rectal Mucosal prolapse.