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I started taking the pill a week before I got married (approx Dec 7th - one week after my period) and due the wedding craziness, I continued to skip days so I would double up on certain days. Therefore, I started my period December 16th and it lasted at least 2 weeks (ending approx. Jan 1). It has now been at least 33+ since last period and just took a preg test, it's negative. Can I be SURE I am not pregnant?? Could the late period be bc of the pill mess up??


It's always best to be spot on with your birth control. Even though you can double up, doing it a few times over the course of a few days like that might make it so you can get pregnant. However, there's no certainty in this case.

You just started taking birth control pills. Perhaps your body is getting used to them. It's not uncommon to have a different cycle after just starting birth control. I say wait another week and if you don't have a period, take a test. If it's still negative, talk to your doctor.