Since I was a kid, I've been bounced back and forth from one doctor to the next to try and solve horrible pains that I've always had after consuming food. Almost three years back, I was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease, but before that, told that I had a bad immune system. I am prone to getting kidney infections and UTI's, and have a case of Polycystic Ovarian Disease which has often gone over-board and put me in horrible pain. Putting it all together, I have been put to the side whenever I stress that my new diet doesn't change my vomiting and stomach pains, being told that, well, it must just be IBS.

Typically, I would just do what every doctor does and chock it all up to being a round-house kick of illnesses to the lower abdominal systems, but in the past few days, I can't hold down any food without hurting and throwing it up, and now, whenever I drink water, I have very sharp pains in my sides and stomach. Because of the Celiac's Disease, I know that I have bruising in my intestines and stomach, but it has never been this persistent or sensitive. Normally, when I get sick, it isn't too bad, but my stomach just doesn't allow any foods to stay in. I just vomit until there is nothing but bile. I'm almost tempted to do another doctor visit, but I've had very little success in the recent past to even try to go in again without some sort of idea what might be going on this time.