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For the past two weeks I've been feeling a bit left out and ignored itmacy wise. My boyfriend and I used to be real hard to pry apart. We spent a-lot of time in the bedroom. Now I have to drop hints and ask for sex or something as simple as a hug. He still shows affection but not as much as he used too. I've caught him a few times jacking off in the shower, in our bed and even when I am laying next too him. Last night was a great I dressed up and put my black boots on we had sex and like that he was ontop and then right off. The rest of the night he wanted to relax, I wanted to orgasm. I got upset and then went to sleep. I found these strange numbers on my account history for my cell phone its yahoo messager numbers I asked my boyfriend about it he said he's not talking to anyone and I must not worry about it he loves me and I should be ashamed of bringing something like cheating up. I'm just confused, he never really payed that much attention to my private and when the action does arise he doesn't follow through. I love him very much and we do have a great connection but I am just lonely in the bedroom. I want him to pay attention to more than just a quicky moment. I know i've bounced around topics but I am in need of advice?


I have to wonder if your boyfriend has some kind of sexual addiction.  It sounds like there's a possibility of cheating, plus he masturbates quite frequently.

Tell him how you feel.  Don't accuse him or raise your voice, just lay out your feelings.  Use I statements, such as "I think..." and "I feel..."  Then listen to what he has to say.  I suggest that because this conversation might be very emotional and it's important to be respectful.

If you really think he could be cheating on you, you may want to reevaluate the relationship.  Do you want to stay in it?  Ultimately, you deserve a loving relationship where there is mutual respect and admiration.