Hi. I was reading some of your post and I find that I'm having the same symptoms with brownish/black discharge 2 or 3 days before my cycle, followed by extreme abdominal pain and back pain recently. I also have pain when I urinate and passing gas or bowel movement. This is only happening all during the first 2 days of my monthly mentrual cycle. After my cycle I am fine. Just last month I had some really horrible pains the whole entire 7 days of my cycle. Couldn't sleep at night and during the day, having to wrap myself on my side laying down or sitting down cause it hurts so much. I felt like I had hemmorroids. I broke down into sweats and felt feverished. the abdominal pains I had was in both side of my ovaries- sharp stabbing pains. Every one of my cycle, I would have some blood clots come out- some are maybe 3 inches or smaller. On my recent cycle- I had all the same symptoms again but not as exteme as last month. This all started happening after my second child was born.

I do not have any pain during sexual intercourse or anything. Please help..I am seeking for a second opinion from another Doc. cause my original Doc. keeps telling me not to worry, but i go through these pains every month. I wish i knew whats causing these pains..