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I have a sharp pain in my lower right area of the abdomen and towards the center. When I lay down flat on my back with my knees up it doesn't hurt, but any movement from this position is excruciating. I haven't thrown up but I've felt nauseous in waves, I only have a slight temperature(normal-100.3), and this has been going on for about 15 hours now nonstop, I don't have all the symptoms of appendicitis, but I have no clue what else it could be. Anyone know anything that could help?


There are a number of medical conditions that can cause sharp stomach pain, but many people, including doctors, lump a number of abdominal pains in with stomach pains.  There are several different area of the abdomen that can develop sharp, stabbing pains, each requiring a different level of medical attention.  Some will only warrant a quick trip to your doctor, while others will need to be examined immediately at an emergency room.  Before we break down the different kinds of sharp stomach pain, if your pain is debilitating, or if the pain is intense enough to either keep you from moving or last for an extended period of time, you should have it look at immediately

Here are a number of causes of sharp stomach pain.

Pain That Need Immediate Attention

For each of these conditions based on the location of the pain, you should head to an emergency room or another type of emergency medical service.