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for years now i have been having strange abdominal pain. they start out in the middle or closer to my right side and radiate all the way around into my back. these pains come on and get stronger and then slowly calm down after a few minutes. the best way i know how to describe them is kind of like a labor pain only its in the upper part of my abdomen. for a long time that was my only symptom. but the last few years i have started having, constipation, diahrea, extreme gas, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and bloating. and now for the past month i have stopped having that pain and starting having a different type of pain a sharp stabbing constant pain right under my right rib. thru the years they have done tests. blood test all normal except high cholesteral. endoscopy showed no ulcers. 2 ultrasounds. first one 2 years ago showed my bile duct was slightly distended, second one recent showed normal except my gallbladder wall was mildly distended. hida scan shows my gallbladder ejection fraction nearly absent. could this have been my gallbladder the whole time? also for the last few days i taste grease in my throat and i feel hungry and full at the same time.


Hi Sadie, Ijust read your post and see that you received zero responses. Have you ever found a cure/cause of your problem?