Okay I have been reading how people are depressed and sad because they lack having their moms or dads in their lives.  

I know what it feels like to NOT have either one.  I have NEVER HATED them.  I have only felt anger towards the people who claim they would care for me - sort of like foster parents who get children for MONEY only and then mistreat the children as if it is their fault.  

My father died, but he was in my life long enough to teach me SELFLOVE - if you love yourself no one can hurt you - I'm not talking abour narssictic love - I'm talking about learning to RESPECT yourself, by not self-destructing and burying the obstacles and challenges you will face in life - with drugs or alcohol 

Yes, it is harder when you have to go it alone, but you can do it without hurting yourself or others.  If your parents were not their - why not look at it as their lose because you are a valuable person and worth LOVE and RESPECT and putting you first and not some man or woman will guide you the fight way.  A lot of abandoned adults look for sex and relationships that are unhealthy for love - but be alone until you can repair yourself rather than bring another person into your life - Now you have your baggage and their baggage - just won't work - I never married until I sorted out and worked on my own life first.  

If your parents are mentally unstable, drug addicted or lack emotional itelligence or severaly damaged - the best thing they did for you was leave (the only one I see unforgiving is leaving you on the door step or in harms way) - these are people who have some real issues and do not deserve to have children.