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My sister has been diagnosed with MRSA and has taken several antibiotics that have been ineffective. She recently found out that she was pregnant and is afraid of the effects that MRSA may have on her baby. She was told that this is a blood disease is this true? If it is what problems could she anticipate for her baby if this is transmitted?



A MRSA staph infection can sometimes spread to parts of the body other than the initial site of infection (the skin). The lungs, heart, bones, everything can be affected, and yes, it can also get into the bloodstream sometimes. This is a serious infection. 

Can a MRSA staph infection cause miscarriage, though? Can it lead to birth defects? The answer to those questions is no. What can sometimes happen is for the infection to spread to the infant during birth.

I hope your sister and her baby will be OK. Another dimension to the problem is that not all antibiotics are safe during pregnancy, which further limits treatment options.