In November of 2007, I was diagnosed with a MRSA staph infection on my face. I was put on five oral antibiotics. Two days later it had spread and was moving up towards my brain and eyes. My doctor opened it, drained and cultured it and confirmed it was MRSA. He put me on six different oral antibiotics and it improved, but it had gone systemic and went through my blood and lymph system and ultimately shut down my immune system. I developed six very painful nodules in my groin area underneath the skin. My doc said they were a part of MRSA infection. After two weeks I returned to work-I'm a teacher, which is how I got MRSA to begin with (a student had MRSA two weeks before I did).

Within a short time I also developed mono and was horribly sick again. My doctor made me take two months off work and stay in bed saying that my immune system could not be exposed to anything else from my students. During that time I had another MRSA staph infection and was put on antibiotics again. In January I got my third MRSA infection and it took two months to completely heal. I have had two more MRSA infections since then.

Almost on a weekly basis I get too worn down even though I now have a job in an office where I sit most of the day. I am so fatigued at times I cannot get out of bed. My lymph nodes in my neck, armpits, and groin hurt almost all the time and then some days it is such a deep throbbing pain in those areas that I can't sleep or get comfortable. When I get that incredible pain, I stay in bed.

Some days I'll have a fever of about 100. I sweat and it irritates my skin which is still sore from these infections and the toxic medications, and then I get a whole new infection. When is this going to end? It has been ten months of dealing with these aching lymph nodes. My doctor doesn't know what else to do.

Do my lymph nodes hurt because of the mono or because of MRSA or both? How long should I expect this to continue? I HATE being sick!!! I missed more work last year in two months than I have in my entire adult career.