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i'm currentley on 60mls of methadone and i also smoke about 5=6 cannibis joints at night, the only reason i smoke the cannibis is because, i was a heavy abuser of heroin and when i went on to methadone i was struggling so bad that i started smoking cannibis which helped me hugley to stay of the heroin, i'm now 36 weeks pregnant, and i'm starting to get really scared that ive harmed my baby either now or in the future. please help me by telling me what can or has already happened to my baby. please dont for a second think that i dont care for my baby as i really love it, i also have a 10yr old who has adhd and is very difficult to handle, i DO NOT SMOKE INFRONT OF HER, shes in her bed by then, but with all the stress from her and a difficult pregnancy, constant sickness and bad pain between my legs its to do with pelvic bones i had it with my last child but its worse this time round. thankyou for taking time to read this!! %-) %-)


Methadone has NOT been shown to directly cause birth defects or abnormalities in new borns. Some babies who have been exposed to Methadone have withdrawls in the hospital and they are given medication to keep them comfortable.
As far as pot, it can be harmful to an unborn baby, however it is not associated with birth defects.
It reduces the oxygen and nutrition to the baby via the placenta which could result in reduced growth and development of your baby in pregnancy.
Cannabis in pregnancy has also been known to have increased risk of SIDS, which you know is sudden infant death syndrome.
The child could develop asthma and have other breathing issues. It is also associated with learning and behavioral problems in preschool and young school aged children.

With the exception of alcohol, it is hard to prove that drug use during pregnancy results in any long term or permanent behavioral or learning problems in children as they grow.

You said you have a 10 year old with ADHD, did you smoke while pregnant with her? If you did, that could be the partial cause of her issues today.