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my sister-in-law is 15 weeks pregnant and came down with staph-cellulitus on her leg. It was tested and came back positive for MRSA. The doctor told her that this could potentially be harmful to herself and my niece. He started her on Cipro and Bactrim. I have heard that the baby could be in danger of contracting this during delivery. Is this if the baby is to be born vaginally? Is there less of a chance of the baby getting it if she has a c-section? Is there anything I can tell her that would make her feel better?? Thanks


I know this is scary, but let's look at the facts. 

Can a MRSA staph infection cause miscarriage if it is contracted during pregnancy? Can it lead to birth defects in the baby? There is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that this is true. Can a MRSA staph infection be passed on during vaginal birth or c-section? Yes, it can, and MRSA can affect the blood stream as well. However, this is rare. Your SIL is only 15 weeks pregnant so there is plenty of time to treat this before she is due to give birth. She's on a treatment regimen and will hopefully be rid of it soon.