I'm having a mucous discharge form my rectum and it also smells like bacteria. I had hemrrhoid bands done 6 months ago and ever since it's
been this way. The first 2 weeks the discharge was a greenish and quite thick and stringy mucous like plus it was painful. It smelled really foul. The first few weeks it was like a mucousy scablike thing would come out too. It has lessened but there is still a bad smell to the mucous that comes out. I have never had anything so disgusting. I had my gastroenterologist check me but he said it looked fine. He said it should not have bled or hurt for close to 2 months. I thought it was normal for it to bleed etc.... I know my body very well and something is not right. At the time the bands were put on I had serious pain and bleeding (for about 2 months) including the heavy discharge. it is lessened but it smells like a bacterial infection and it still has a greenish cast - but he has said there is nothing wrong. I can tell it's coming from the same side as the initial pain was. Sounds weird but when I wipe it always shows on the same side of the paper. What can I do and what specific questions or tests can my doctor perform. thank you!