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I am afriad of getting medicine to help it get better, the problem is the fact that several years ago I had this same problem with another tooth on the opposite side and there was no bubble, but yet it was more so infected then this one is now, I was given wrong antibotics and did not take them, however, the tooth fell out (by the grace of God), and it did not boother me anymore after that. So my concerns are that I do not want this to burst as I am afriad because I can not take  Amoxcillian (I am allergic), nor Erthrymycian (as this too I am algergic), so what do I do now if I can not afford a dentist and am currently on a waiting list, I know this can kill me if it gets into the blood stream and I do not want this to happen but I am so fearful I have been using proxoide for two weeks, as well baking soda, very hot salt water, and still this does not go away. And I just need someone to pray with me or for me as I am just afriad I will be given something I can not take and it will kill me or that I am allergic to, please can someone just pray for me, as prayer works!


I have had the same issue with my teeth until went to The Dental Studio in Dubai to attend to it. It turned out to be a wisdom tooth issue.