I'm 30 years old and I saw the dentist for a tooth ache. Turns out I have an infection in my jaw under my wisdom tooth on the lower left jaw. I'm taking Cipro 500mg for the infection and Advil for the pain. I have an appt in one week to remove all 4 wisdom teeth and one more that is broken next to the wisdom tooth the dentist suggested come out anyway since its not worth saving in his opinion. I've opted to stay away for the procedure. I've been taking the Cipro for 3 days now and before I had no swelling and only minor discomfort when opening my jaw wide. Now I cannot open my jaw more than half an inch and I cannot chew food. I've switched to an all liquid diet so I can eat. Its memorial day weekend and I can't get in touch with my dentist. I'm worried that I will have a lot of problems removing the teeth since I cannot open my jaw. Any suggestions? I do plan to visit the dentist in 2 days when he is open again and see if any of this is normal and to be expected. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.