I need some advice PLEASE!!!,


Hi I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I have an impacted wisdom tooth with an abscess. The infection has started to spread. The pain is unbearable, I have been on 2 different kinds of anti-biotics and the infection isnt moving. I went to the dentist, but they werent able to numb the tooth so couldn't remove it. Now my tooth has burst through and I cant open my mouth to even get a toothbrush in. I havent eaten in days, cant sleep the pain is that bad and am living off water and hot tea.  The dentist say they cant remove, I went to hospital and they say its for the dentist and cant do anything. Help please! I dont know what my options are, I have seen 3 doctors plus a dentist and a hospital, yet no one will help. I'm terrified about what this is doing to my baby. Has anyone had any issues like this?