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Why is there fluid spurting out of my nipple? Okay I know this sounds gross, and it is gross. I just realized today that for the last couple of weeks I kept noticing a tannish colored stain on my shirts near my right nipple. So today I said a big "duh" and squeezed my right boob to see if it was coming from my nipple and so much yellow fluid spurted out. It's like nonstop. I'll wait several minutes, then squeeze it again and more squirts out. It's the color of apple juice.I'm just wondering if this is nothing, because I don't have health insurance right now and I really don't feel like paying a bunch of money for nothing. I know I have a benign cyst in that same breast, but that isn't close enough to my nipple for it to be related. Also, I can't be pregnant because I got my period last month and I have never had sex before and I'm not on any meds and never had kids Thanks for any help, insight!


Hello Wendy

Breast discharge other than milk or plain fluid is a sure sign of a serious underlying infection, tumor or even cancer. Please conduct a self breast examination [stepe available on net]. Check each breast thoroughly. Having done that - please report all findings to your doctor - ASAP without delay. You need expert advice and medication