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I've been breastfeeding my child for some time now. He has always preferred the right breast over the left one. I've been expressing the milk on my left breast to make sure it would not get clogged. but tonight as i was expressing it, i noticed that the milk is thicker than usual (it usually squirts out easily) i inspected it and it seemed more oily almost sticky, rather like the look and feel of lotion. it smells milkier too. is this normal? thanks. btw, i forgot to mention that the milk coming from the right breast is normal. its just the left one that i'm having problems with. thanks.


Hi Cici

Breast milk changes in consistency to a baby's needs. If just one breast is giving an oily or thick milk - its just that you are not emptying the breast completely. Express more often - expressing does not empty the breast completely - a baby can do a better job. Drink lots of fluids before and during 24 hour interval. Try expressing more when you wake up early morning - its the time when breasts are filled with milk.

Oh, btw hind milk is always creamier and thicker than fore milk.

Good luck