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I have a couple weird symptoms. I'm not in serious pain or anything, but they're bothersome. They occur mostly after I eat (I think), and I definitely notice them when I'm lying in bed (but that could be because I have nothing else to do).

I can breathe okay, but have trouble taking deep breaths. Sometimes this is relieved a little bit if I let a big burp out (a nautral one, though, can't make myself burp).

My other symptom is that I have a slight ache right below my ribs on my left side, but not all the time. I have this ache in the morning, I think because, when I'm sleeping, I'm taking the deep breaths that I seem to have trouble taking while I'm awake, but I don't really know because I'm no doctor.

Last November, I had an upper respiratory infection (asthmatic bronchitis, but they never told me I have asthma), they gave me Zithromax and it cleared up pretty well. I had these symptoms before the bronchitis, though.

I also always have post-nasal drip, and have lots of phlegm to bring up every morning. I definitely have allergies, and at least once a day I have a sneezing fit (like 5 or 6 sneezes, usually in the morning). Oh, and the phlegm that comes up in the morning is usually clear with, every now and then, a little red drop or two (but I think that's from my dry nose, always itchy on the inside if that makes sense).

Any suggestions/ideas?

Oh, one more thing, when they told me I had bronchitis, the took chest x-rays, and didn't see anything on them, I assume.


Hello! How long have you had these symptoms? You may have a muscle strain or some kind of injury that could have occurred either from a trauma or bad posture causing stress

It is said that every abdominal pain needs to be looked at although you may be feeling to the left side rib area.
This may be called Slipped rib syndrome, and it includes pain in the rib area that is aggravated with deep breathing or coughing. This syndrome may be hard to diagnose especially because its symptoms often resemble rib fractures and doctors may order all sorts of tests.

Lower ribs are almost always involved.

The pain could resolve on its own or by having a couple of visits to the chiropractor. You may also get some topical analgesics to reduce the pain, if it bothers you too much or you could be applying some cold packs but not for too long.

If you do decide to see a doc, make sure you mention this as a possibility as well.