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Hi I just going out my daughter is 2 and a half months pregnant and has need doing heroin this whole time she still hasn't made up her mind if she's even gonna go they with the pregnancy cause she young and wouldn't beable to handle it and I wanted to know is it safe to go threw withdals early in your trimester what's the effects of the baby and even if she did stop now would the baby still be born addicted !! I'm so confused!


You need to get her to a doctor now! Opioids, regardless if they are illegal like heroin or legal like oxycodone, can be very dangerous to both mom & especially baby if mom is dependent, & goes into withdrawal! Not only can it cause her to miscarry her baby, it can cause alot of problems for her like, hemorage, seazures, stroke, heart attack, etc.. which could lead to damage that would leave her unable to have babies later on when she is older & ready or worse, her death! If she wants to go through w/ the preg. the doc will most likely put her on methadone to keep her & baby safe & very slowly lower the dose. Once baby is born, they will continue to tapper baby & hopefully mom too, until they are completely off. The 1 positive is that of all the drugs, opioids is the least damaging as long as done under close supervision of a good & experienced doc. so long term problems w/ baby is very unlikely. This is because the endorphins that our brain makes naturally, is 99.99% chemically identical to opioids, so our body already knows how to filter it through our body & organs w/o damage. Unfortunately this is also why they are so addictive, because once the opioid binds to the mu receptors the signal gets blocked & now the brain will stop making & releasing the natural endorphins. Once the drug is out & no longer blocking the signal, the brain will start making & releasing again; but this can take a very long time & depending on your daughters age, how long & how much she took, it may never make the amount it was meant to make before the drugs, which will leave her at risk of relapse & depression! Lastly, if she is put on methadone, please watch her close as w/ all addicts she may be tempted in trying to get high by abusing it or mixing other things, this can & will kill her quick. When she does heroin it moves through her body within a few hours & to keep withdrawal away she has to take more. Methadone however, stays in your body & can build up. This makes it good for addiction as she will be able to maintain a level amount w/o the highs & lows, plus it does not give a high feeling & can even block other opioids from getting her high. Please understand that I am not a doctor & the info is what I have learned in my extensive research of being a chronic pain advocate & patient therapist that also happens to be a life long pain patient & in the process of getting my certifcation in  opioid addiction; but most importantly, I am the mother of 2 daughters that could very easily be walking in your shoes & would want to do exactly what you are doing: find out everything I can!! Children can bring such beauty & joy to our lives as you had no idea what real love felt like until you had that child! Unfortunately, you also find out what real fear is also! As a mother, there will never be any other living thing that will come into your life that you would gladly lay down & die for, yet want to strangle at the same time, than that lil' ball of sunshine & storms, known as a daughter!! I hope I have given you a start & please don't hesitate to ask any questions as I will do my best to help you find an answer!! God bless & Hang in there!!