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hello my daughters boyfriend, and mom convienced her she get an abortion well she went to the cliinc and took the first pill which suppose to affect the hormones and the other pills are the ones that abort the baby well my daughter came home and was crying telling me she didnt want to do it well i called life services and told them what she had done they immiedidaly called a doctor and he told us to go to the pharmacy and start taking these real strong hormones to counter act that pill she took and that that pill didnt affect the baby and so far so good shes still carrying the baby and her boyfriends family are telling us that the baby will come out with serious birth deffects whats your thoughts on all of this very concern grandmother?


THE PILL she took can and DOES cause severe birth defects, and it does not take long for the pill to kill the pregnancy.

BY taking the first pill, she already had an abortion, the fetus is quickly killed :/

UNFORTUNATELY, the only way to know about birth defects is to WAIT, which means IF there are defects she may have a later term abortion.(unless you do not mind defects)

Get her to an OBGYN ASAP for an ultrasound to ensure that the fetus is actually alive.

I work in an abortion clinic, and we ask ALL women if they are beign FORCED or COERCED into an abortion, if they are then we do not do it.