Hi, I have a daughter who is 13 years old and has been diagnosed with alopecia areata. I caught this quite quickly but it has caused a lot of damage to her hair. She stresses a lot over this , gets bullied , and gets called names. I went to a doctor and she gave her injected her with steroids in the head. But I am not sure why the doctor has started hating us so much that she told us o leave and get out of her clinic. We have apologised to her a lot of times but she is still refusing. We have never met her before and I don't know why she's hates us. We haven't even done anything wrong. 

After the steroid injections her hair is kinda growing back but it would have been better if the doctor responded and continued. I'm using monoxidil (5 percent) which is helping a little bit. There are not many doctors where I live who do injections. I'm very confused and stressed about what to do? 

Please please if u have any suggestions for me and my daughter let us know because it will mean a lot. Please let us know and I'm still confused why the doctor was angry and rude to us. 

A very desperate mother who wants to help her daughter ! 

Thank u !