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Hey members.

My cat is four years old. She was always healthy and playful cat. Lately she is very tired and I am not sure what is going on with her.

I also noticed that she is losing fur and I don’t know what the cause is. It is not a small thing, it happens very often. I can see that her fur is missing on her stomach and tail.

I was reading something on the internet and I found that it can be alopecia.

I was wondering can it be?

If it is what this means and how I can deal with it?


Hello. Alopecia is common problem for all cats. Signs are obvious and they include partial or total hair loss. So in case of your cat it can be alopecia. Skin around this area where you can see that your cat is losing her fur can appear to be normal or it can leave some signs, such as redness, bumps, scrubs, skin loss, etc. There are many diseases that can cause alopecia in your cat. Some of those causes may be considered normal but some of them can indicate a serious disease problem. Some quick diagnosis is really hard to tell but it is still very important to take your cat to the vet.



Hey there.


Yes, those are signs of alopecia in cats. Hair loss from any cause is alopecia.

But if you want to solve this problem in your cat you need to find the cause of the problem.

Very common reason of alopecia especially around the tail is allergy to fleabites.

Your cat is losing her fur on the tail, right?

Mites are other causes for this.

But there are so many more of them.

For example, it can be glandular disorder such as Cushing’s disease.


But still major cause is alopecia and I believe that this is why your cat is losing fur. Cat is pulling or even chewing out his fur, she is nervous, she is in fear and she is stressed. This is condition that people can recognize.

Visit your vet and find out what is the main cause of this situation.