So I had my tonsils removed 5 days ago, and the experience has been.. let's just say not what I expected! After waking up from the anesthetic I was in severe pain! they gave me morphine in the recovery room as soon as I woke up and had to give me more every 30mins to keep me settled. After making it back to my ward I woke up again feeling nauseous and still in severe pain. They gave me some medicine to settle the nausea and I fell asleep. I woke up again at 2am with the same nauseating feeling n kept getting urges to throw up but the pain in my throat stopped me from allowing my body to do so because I knew it would hurt so much more if I threw up. Day 1 after the surgery was better but I couldn't eat or drink. I did force water down with much effort and also ate some breakfast which took me an hour to finish. Swallowing my own saliva was so painful! I cringed everytime at the pain. I was later discharged from hospital in the afternoon. Day 2 was about the same I barely got any food in me but I was drinking plenty of water (still with a lot of pain) I was still feeling lethargic so I actually fell asleep from 8pm till 10am the next morning. Day 3 was better, I could speak better but still had to speak slowly and not to loud. managed to eat over cooked noodles and actually finish it! was still painful especially in the mornings. Day 4 was my post op check up with my doctor, he said things were healing pretty well and to just keep up my fluid intake. He also gave me antibiotics to prevent any infections that could occur. He did give me some pointers though, like chewing gum to strengthen the muscles in my throat and to slowly try and eat more solid foods. He also said that by Day 7 I shouldn't be in hardly any pain and I should start to feel normal again (here's hoping!) Day 5 .. so today didn't start off so well at about 4am I awoke n kept getting the urge to cough, I think it's because of the scabs that have formed but my throat was really dry and I coughed once uncontrollably! it was like needles were poking in my throat! it was excruciating!! I ran downstairs and grabbed my pain killers (which is just basic paracetamol, I can't have anything stronger or it makes me feel nauseous) I drank some water and went back to sleep this morning it was a little more painful than normal but i guess that would be from the cough. I still managed to eat and also take my antibiotic. I am eating a lot of cold stuff like ice cream and popsicles. I'm still in pain when I swallow but I think it's slowly decreasing .. very very slowly. lol Can't wait to be completely back to normal! it's frustrating because it even hurts to laugh! :( anyone know how I can reduce the pain in the morning? I think I read somewhere an air humidifier works pretty good? Hope this helps someone if they are going through the same thing!