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I got my tonsils removed after suffering from chronic strep throat for the past 4 years. Chronic meaning that I had strep throat about every 6-8 weeks over the past 4 years.

After reading all of the horror stories I was absolutely terrified of this surgery. So I thought I would share my experience, which so far is pretty positive. I am only on day 2 of post op, but I will try to update as I continue healing.

Day one: I arrived at 5:30 in the morning for surgery and was home by 9:30. At 6:00 I was called into Pre op. I took all my clothes off and changed into a hospital gown, they let me keep my underwear and socks on, I would recommend wearing warm fuzzy socks , because the hospital was pretty cold. After that they took a urine sample and started me on an IV. They also gave me 2 different anti nausea medications, zofran was put into my IV and they gave me another that I cannot remember the name of. I took it by mouth and it neutralized the ph in my stomach. At 6:40 I was taken into the operating room and the anesthesiologist gave me something to relax me and I fell asleep before my doctor came in or they gave me anesthesia. I woke up in recovery at about 8:00 and a nurse was right there with me asking if I felt okay and got me a glass of water. My mom was allowed to come in at about 8:30. I couldn't be released until I finished 2 IV bags of fluid. I left about 9:15. When I got home I felt relatively okay, I was not in much pain, I was more uncomfortable because my uvula was very swollen. It made it hard to talk and it felt weird to eat but I was not in much pain at all. I am taking Lortab elixir less that the recommended dose about every 7 hours and I feel fine. I have been eating soft foods, I have had several cups of applesauce, Popsicles, and I had a few bites of lukewarm mashed potatoes. I have been drinking water like crazy! I alternate between water and Gatorade for fluids. But pain in very very manageable.

Day two: I did not get a great night's sleep because my swollen uvula makes it hard to lay down flat. I slept about 6 hours all together waking up almost hourly. But I don't feel exhausted since I have been laying down and resting all day anyways. My throat is slightly more painful today, but it only hurts when swallowing. The pain isn't unbearable by any means. It is more of a burning or stinging feeling when I swallow. I have started taking the minimum dose of pain medication. But still at longer increments, I am taking 2 teaspoons every 6 hours. I am still able to eat applesauce and Popsicles with minor discomfort and am still drinking a ton of fluids. Still alternating between Gatorade and water.

I am only on day 2 but so far it is far less painful than I expected based on the horror stories I have read. I know that it is supposed to get more painful in the days to come, but so far so good! My only complaint is the swollen uvula, But it is not painful, more uncomfortable. I have been using ice packs on my neck and it seems to help a little with the swelling.

I hope this helps some of you who are nervous about getting this surgery. I will try to update in the next couple days, and hopefully it remains a positive experience! 


I am now on Day 4, and it is still not so bad!

Day three was the worst day. Had a really bad reaction to the liquid lortab and spent most of the morning in the bathroom, I only vomited once, but the nausea was killing me.  I immediately stopped taking the pain medication. The last dose I took was at 6:00am on day 3. By the end of the day I was feeling a lot better andmanaged to eat some applesauce, cream of wheat, and a few bites of macaroni and cheese with no nausea. I wasn't in a lot of pain at all during the day, even afree vomiting. I tried to keep myself from vomiting in fear of the pain, but it didn't hurt and I ended up feeling so much better.

Day four was a lot better. The night between day 3 and 4 was a little rough, I had a little pain from a dry throat. I tried to sleep in 3 hour increments instead of the 2 hour increments that I had been previously doing. Today I ate pretty regularly. I had applesauce, cream of wheat, pudding, and I made some soft noodles for myself.  The pain is very manageable as long as I am drinking fluids constantly. I am almost at 36 hours with no paimedia cation of any kind and I am doing very well.  I feel a lot better and not as groggy and sluggish as the first two days. I'm hoping I don't get worse pain to come, I am really hoping to not use the pain medication at all from here on out.