I had very good sleep and next day when I woke up my entire face was swollen really badly, almost like a balloon that's going to pop very soon. symptoms including burning with fevers on the face area, itching very badly and stinging focusing on the eye area, forehead, and cheeks. 

It's not the first time it happened to me. It already happened like 4 times.

And the thing is that it appears randomly after I have very good sleep.

I don't get any symptoms before it happens.

it's like randomly happens. Last time I had to cancel my meetings due to my reactions.

I went to go see dr and he wasn't taking seriously. He diagnose that it appears to be allergy reaction

but since I'm very sensitive, I do not change my routine ( like foods, cosmetic.. etc) 

So it doesn't make sense that I'm having an allergic reaction. 

I do have very high fever on face area all the time and it seems like I happen to have the reaction

when my eyes are extremely tired and dry.. but I'm not sure if that can cause all of these.

burning, itchy, swollen and redness.

IT usually takes about 4-5 days to recover and after 5 days it starts to deflate...

Also due to high fever and extremely dryness due to fevers and swell, my entire face gets small bumps and fever pimples...

Why am I experiencing this?