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Hello, I hope someone out there can help me.  4 years ago whilst holidaying in Vegas, shortly after landing the left side of face felt a little strange.  I decided to ignore it and went to bed.  I woke the next morning with a huge swelling on the left side and I could not move that side of my face except for blinking.  I visited a doctor who wasn't sure what it was but decided to prescribe anti-biotics. About 5 days later I noticed a small pea sized bump on my gum but no pain at all. 2 days after that the bump popped and my face went down.  I never knew what caused it and forgot about it.   I mentioned this on a recent visit to my doctor and she said it was a nerve infection even though a I had pus come out of the bump on my gum - i'm guessing she came to this conclusion due to the paralysis. 

Anyhow, my face was then back to normal.  Then 3 years later I started to have hurrendous pains in my face.  I visited my dentist who said I need extensive dental work.  I decided to go to Budapest and had 14 crowns, 7 root canals and 4 overlays to make this pain go away.  I spent 12 hours in the dentist chair over the course of 2 days (3 days in-between) and around 30 injections.  Low behold, 1 month after my dental work, the pain is back.  I visit the doctor who decides to treat me for neuralgia.  I am given Amitriptyline to help with the pain and allow me to sleep.  I take co-codamol and ibuprofen together plus the Amitriptyline and night and nothing makes the pain go away.  This continues for 2 weeks.  Then disappears.  I am also diagnosed with an ear infection so am taking anti-biotics for that.  2 weeks later the ear infection is back so i'm prescribed more anti-biotics and this time they do a swab.  I receive a call a few days later saying that my ear infection is fungal and to stop taking the antibiotics and am prescribed with canestan drops.  The ear infection goes away.  5 months later the face pain is back.  I go back to my doctors who again treat me for an ear infection.  I also go to the doctors as my back two teeth are incredibly painful to touch and they tell me my teeth are perfect.  I ask them to do an x-ray and they I have an infection in the left upper gum line but as i'm already on antibiotics again they tell them this will make it go away.  After a week the pain wears off and then 2 days later it's back again.  I go back to the doctors and tell them about the infection that my dentist saw and she tells me I have a sinus infection and gives me yet more anti-biotics.  After 4 days the pain eases.  2 days after completing my anti-biotics course it's back yet again!!!!  I decide to go private and see an ENT.  The ENT examines my nose - no problems there.  My left ear has a piece of skin which has grown over and attached itself to my ear drum.  I am going back tomorrow to have the skin removed and I have a CT scan booked to look at my face.  Last night I noticed at the very back of my upper gumline on the left hand seems to be pretruding about the size of a 2p and is hard and very sore to touch.  This morning it's soft but still pretuding from what I think is my upper jawline. 

This pain is very depressing.  I can't sleep, I can't concretrate, sometimes eating is hurrendous.  Can anyone offer any answers to any of this?  My doctors have so far treated me for neuralgia, ear infection, gum infection, sinus infection (I haven't had a cold for 18 months) and nothing stops this pain from coming back!

Just some other back ground info - I grind my teeth in my sleep, I wear a night guard but ground holes into that after 1 month of having.  The back to teeth that once hurt (no longer do) are the longest teeth in my mouth so bare the brunt of my grinding which is under where this new lump.  I was bitten by a mosquito in the summer and had an allergic reaction to this and my arm swelled up (I think this is called cellutis).

I have googled my symptoms so many times and nothing quite adds up.  Sometimes my face is swollen, sometimes  it isn't.  Sometimes it's red, sometimes it isn't.  Sometimes it's stiff and almost paralysed, sometimes it isn't.  Sometimes it tingles sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes I have a lump, sometimes I don't.  Sometimes it's an ache, sometimes, it's pressure, sometimes it's stabbing, sometimes it's constant!


Please please please if anyone can help i'd really appreciate some advise! 


it sounds like a tooth absess to me really. youv"d had a lot of dental work done and you could have a hairline fracture on a tooth and then you go they x-ray you but you"ve been on anti biodics so much it just keeps going back and forth.

im glad you have a mri scheduled.

where do you live have they tested you for lyme disease?



Hi Jessyb,


I have had similar problems. First, I went deaf in my right ear due to 'sudden onset hearing loss'. I rode a commuter train through a tunnel under a bay and felt nauseas, light headed, and had a headache. Woke up the next morning completely deaf in my right ear. I was treated with antivirals and prednisone but they didn't help. MRI was negative. 4 years later I get an external ear infection. It resolves with antibiotic drops but then I flew home for holidays and ear trouble started again. I tried over the counter ear drops which worsened the problem. Both ears were draining fluid (dripping like a runny nose) and went back to doctor who treated it with acetic acid drops. A couple weeks later I go to put drops in my ear and have extreme pain radiating throughout my skull when the drops reach my TM. Went back to doctor and was prescribed different drops which I didn't use. Got water in my ear and had extreme pain again this time it didn't get better and my nose and ear started draining profusely. Went to doctor and was prescribed ciprofloxacin for 10 days. Drainage stopped but then got pain in my jaw, teeth, throat and face. Went to the dentist who said my teeth were fine but I might be clenching (TMJ). Went to ENT who said I had eczema of the ear and prescribed Triamcinolone cream. This relieved dryness and itching but not the pain. My pain is only 2/10 so I don't take anything for it. It is worse when I lay down flat on my back. I started going to the chiropractor and also tried acupuncture.  Acupuncture worked but only for a few hours then pain came back. Since started chiropractic my right ear has started clicking randomly and when I blow my nose. Also feel more pressure in my ears. Not sure if this is from allergies. Going back to ENT in a couple weeks but he will probably tell me I am fine. I guess this is my new normal. I am otherwise healthy and doctors definitely look at me like I am crazy when I describe my symptoms. My ENT said that the facial nerve has branches that go in the face, jaw, teeth, and throat so that is why I have pain in all these places. Recently I have been trying to meditate for 10min/day. Just to notice the sensations without interpreting them. I think it will help me adjust to my new normal.

Best of luck to you.


half deaf