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In October of 2009 i was one of the many who was quarantined with the Swine flu. During those weeks, I experienced what i was told was a characteristic nightly fever that began around 9-10pm and ended around 2am.

However, it has been almost 2 years since that, and I am still suffering from these fevers and heavy sweating. I am only 22 and in otherwise good health. I have been to a few doctors who have not found anything...they went so far as to send me to a psychologist...I cannot see them during the time that it happens so they never see it. 

My temperature during this time elevates to between 100 and 103. My skin gets flushed and is very hot to the touch, as well as clammy from the sweats.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? It's been nearly 2 years and this got very old a long time ago.


I also am having the daily night fevers. However I am tired all the the and been having a headache everyday. My skin is hot to the touch my eyes burning and extremely irritable and impatient.