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My father's heart report are main coronary artery lmca 40% Left anlerior descending type 3 vessel mid lad show 80to90% Distal lad show 60% dl show 80% Left circumflex-non dominal mid lcx show 50 % plaque right coronary-dominate vessel rca 50% Mid rca 90% Distal rca 70% Doctor suggest us for cabg but I want to know have any other option in his treatment instead of cabg .thanx alot for ur reply


Hi NiMalKap,

Without knowing more about your fathers history and current condition your best option is to seek another opinion.

In some cases stents are an option.  In others, balloon angioplasty can be used.

With the amount of blockage you're indicating, CABG is likely the BEST option however.

Hope it helps.  Good luck to you both.