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My father had angiogram done today and the doctors found that there are two artery that may have 70% blockage.

The Trademill stress test were abnormal. The doctor told me that its better to do Coronary artery bypass grafting rather than stent. Has anyone has similar situation? How do I make sure that the stent is not a right solution. I just wanted to make sure that CABG is the right solution.

Please post your expereince.





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I had CABG x 6, sixteen years ago. When I was in rehab at the same hospital where I was diagnosed I was lucky enough to get to see the film of my cath lab experience. I couldn't see the monitor while they were doing it as there was a person in the way and I figured it would impolite to ask him to move while they were working on me. They took tthe whole rehab class down to the cath lab to see a film of an actual procedure and I asked if he could find mine as I had been there only a few weeks before. The lab tech described what we were looking at as he ran my film. At one point he remarked "this is the one that sent you to CMC" (the hospital where they did the actual bypass operation). We had seen a couple 70% blockages in the front and then came a 90% in back of my heart.

Apparently they would have done stents right there for the 70%-ers which I'm glad they didn't. They told me I had 3 blockages but at the other hospital while doing the operation they found more that they deemed necessary to fix. I inquired afterward what the criteria was to do a bypass and was told anything that was 50% or over. So I suppose I may have some 40s that they left alone.

I know people who have had stents and they seem to keep going back for various reasons and for replacements. It's been 16 years on my bypasses and I'm still going.

They have probably improved on stents and I know they have improved on the bypass operation. They don't crack open your chest for the bypass nearly as often as they did when I had it done. So it's much less invasive now in many cases.





Thanks for the reply. I am glad that you had healthy bypass. My father is 68 yrs old. I am hoping that this operation would be life saver and keep him healthy. I have read that Bypass is more successful than stent. but again it depends.


Hi Mekla,

There have been lots of studies comparing stents vs. grafts.  Stents do have their place but in a recent study in the NE Journal of Medicine, there was a lower mortality rate with the grafts.

I have had several patients with stents that required emergency treatment a year or more afterwards due to blockages at the stent.  While I have had other patients with CABG, in most cases it was not the current CABG that was causing a problem it was additional blockages elsewhere.

I'd follow the doctors advice.  This is a multi-vessel disease.  If it was in one location, I'd consider a stent, but not in this case.

If you're interested, it was in the Jan 24, 2008 issue, Volume 358, Number 4, "Drug-Eluding Stents vs. CABG in Multi-vessel Coronary Disease."