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Well, my hopes for a better day have turned out to be another nightmare.

Since 5AM I have been pretty much living in the bathroom for all but about an hour and a half, it is now about 1:30PM. I can only guess what I have been going through is constipation, but without the rock-hard stool. I get on the toilet and a little action happens, painful a bit, but soft enough not to make me panic. No more seems to be forthcoming so I jump into the bathtub for pain relief. Anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes later, the exact same routine. I am frantic that I am going to start spasming and develop a new hemorrhoid or pop some stitches, so I take 2.5 mg of valium. It helps me calm down a little bit, but the process continued.

Yesterday this happened and the cumulative effect was so much pain I had to resort to a lortab. I didn't take any any medications earlier this morning because I am afraid they are causing this constipation, and I need to be weaned off of any medications before going back to work on Tuesday. I am now starting to fear I may end up needing more loretab over the weekend if this keeps up, but I didn't get my prescription refilled. I am starting to work myself up into a frenzy!

I don't know what to do so I put in a call to the surgeon's office. Apparently they are out of the office on Fridays, but the lady on the phone took my number and told me she would have the surgeon call me back. That was about an hour ago, I just hope he will call me back and help me figure out what I need to do. There is just no way I can continue spending 6 or 7 hours a day in a bathroom, randomly able to relieve my bowls, and end up being in the resulting pain. It is just wearing me out. I mean, how much poop can there possibly be? It's not like I ate any 4 course meals yesterday...

At least the pooping itself isn't so bad, about a pain level of 4. The pain subsides back down to an ache about 30 minutes after jumping back into the tub and taking some ibuprofen. Of course, assuming I don't sit, which is not an option at this point.

So for now I am toning my food intake way back down so hopefully tomorrow won't be like today and yesterday, and hoping the surgeon might be able to tell me what I might possibly be able to do to escape this nightmare.

And how was your Friday the 13th?


Wow! I'm sorry to hear that it turned out so badly for you. Fortunately, my Friday was pretty quiet compared to yours. I hate that you went through all of that. Keep us updated tomorrow, okay? I have really been enjoying this series.