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Hi everyone, 

I read a lot of your posts prior to my tonsillectomy in December of last year, and I have to say, some of the threads helped me gain some confidence about the op, but some of them just scared the living daylights out of me. I even recall having a nightmare once or twice. 

I am 16 years of age, and my reason for getting the tonsillectomy was due to severe halitosis (bad breath) caused from recurring tonsil stones (tonsillolith). Thanks to the television show "Embarrassing Bodies" I was able to self diagnose, and got an official diagnosis from my Doctor a fortnight later. I was on the waiting list for roughly a year.

Well, I'm here to tell everyone this. MY EXPERIENCE IT WAS NOT BAD, AT ALL! 

I had the procedure done at my local hospital, (a public Australian hospital), on the 7th of December last year (2012). I'm not going to go into all the boring detail, but I will let you in on some tips.

My GREATEST advice would be, RETURN TO YOUR NORMAL DIET ASAP, AND DRINK A LOT! I ate a sandwich 2 hours after the operation, had noodles the night after, and even curry the night after that. The pain was minimal, probably less than a sore throat. I still have half a packet of Endone (Oxycodone Hydrochloride) left, that's just how insignificant and minimal the pain was. The Endone does cause constipation, so I stopped using it after about 5 days. Also, try not to push when in the process of a bowel movement, as for some reason the pushing made me experience slight bleeding in the throat. 

Due to my hasty return to my normal diet, I experienced absolutely no scabbing, and within a week and a half, I was back to my normal self. (Of course, without bad breath. I now feel 150% more confident when talking to people!). I went for my post-op check up last week Friday (1 March 2013) and got the all clear. My surgeon's name is Mr Guillermo Hurtado if anyone is interested. He operates in the Melbourne area. 

I hope my experience (in a nutshell) was reassuring. All I can say to those thinking about backing out it is, don't. Your tonsils can never grow back. If you think about a lifetime of constant tonsillitis and/or tonsil stones, compared with a week of pain (and in my case, very little pain), it is truly a no brainer. 

Good luck to everyone going in or contemplating getting a tonsillectomy. You won't regret it. 



cheers! to you too ur post gave confidence too!!!! :) lol

could u reply to this reply and tell mehow cofindent u were when u never got bad breathl.

and also tell me  how beneficial it is to get an tonsillectomy to get rid of stupid bad beath and how long it takes after the appoinment to get the op

once again cheers



Thanks Matt! I'm getting my tonsils out next Friday (15th August 2014) and this has made me more confident about the whole thing! I have the same doctor as you so I'm really grateful to have stumbled across this! Thanks again!!