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hi im 18 years old and i have a problem with my testicle, sometimes it get inflated a little bit and sometimes it hurts a little bit but not for long, may it be inffected or i dont know what, its been maybe 4 days now i want online advices for now.. soo any advice would be helpful.


Since you didn't mention taking any injuries to your groin region, I will assume the pain is not because of an injury.

Though this might be embarrassing to hear, masturbation might help.  Why?  Because sometimes, especially if there is arousal without relief/climax, ejaculate fluid can collect in the testicles and cause tenderness, fullness, and even a bit of pain.  Masturbation can help relieve that build-up of fluid.

The other thing I would suggest is, if this tenderness and swollen-ness doesn't improve within the week or next, is to see your doctor.  Yes, it may seem embarrassing, but it's always better to be safe than sorry - especially concerning organs like your testicles.

Good luck!