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I have an issue.  I am 44 years old.  In general good health.  I have also had a vasectomy 2 years ago and it was successful.


Recently, I have noticed pain in my left testicle, groin area, lower stomach area.  I feel my right testicle and it is firm, oval, no pain and feels the way it has always felt since child hood.  My left side is smaller, which I know is pretty normal for one side to be smaller than the other.  It feels much flatter, not oval anymore, I feel a lump on the left side towards the back of the testicle, which is very tender to the touch.  Now I assume this to be the sprem canal, but there seems to also be what I can only describe as tubing in the sac off to the left also.  My doctor recently did a Low-T test on me and mine was very low, although he did not do a physical on my testicles.

Cancer does run in my family, but not this kind.  I am a bit worried this may be more than a clogged tube, and the strange shape of my left testicle also worries me.


Does anyone else have or have had this issue or something that sounds like this?  Any help would be great.




P.S. Sorry about the horrible spelling.


I have the same as you, pain on testacle where cord atached to testi.  Went to doctor he felt and told me not to worry.

But I am worried

Can you masturbate with no pain?  I can

Do you ejaculate?  I can



hi can u tell me ? have u cured completely from the disease or not ? em worried... now em facing similar situation..