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Well this is my first post on here, so I'm really not sure if this is the proper place to post this or not, if not could one of the Mods please move it to proper place?

Yesterday I went to the batting cages to take a few swings. Well I kind of lost track of time and a few swings turned into well over 300 hard swings and a right hand super cut up and sore. So after about 3 hours of hitting I called it quits because my hand was sore and bloody, not to mention my legs felt like jello. So after leaving my girlfriend and I decided to head over to Friendlys for something to eat, while after we were done eating I stood up to go and pay and got this sharp pain in my left testicle and my lower abdomen (waist) and it felt my testicle was trying to move up into my stomach.

I figured that I sat the wrong way or hurt it swinging or something and it would go away after some good rest. Well this morning it still hurts from time to time. I checked both my testicles for swelling, or any sort of noticeable marks and there is none. Now the testicle is not sensitive to touch, it does not hurt when I urinate or anything like that, it just seems like if I move the wrong way I get a sore/sharp pain in my waist area and it feels like it is also in my left testicle.

Now over my 25 years of life I have had to many sports injuries to count some minor and many major, but I have never had this before so I'm kind of worried. I'm starting to wonder if its hernia, cancer or a pulled muscle.

I played minor league baseball for 2 years, but after blowing my knees out I stopped and this was my first time swinging in about 5 years, so I really wonder if I damaged something.

Well I think I gave enough background info, so does anyone have an idea? Please tell me its not cancer


Well, I don't actually have an answer for you, however...i've been having some similar problems lately (not exactly) but close...

To clarify, I recently started working out pretty hard, and then after a short while, noticed some pains in my groin/abdomen and have some issues when my testicle actually retracts and climbs it's way up into my groin region and pretty much hides there for a moment (usually during climax in a sexual situation) But I unlike you have a small bit of swelling in my scrotum and it feels much tighter than normal....I don't know, but i'm leaning toward hernia in my case, maybe you just swung it a little too hard that day and pulled a muscle, or maybe you swung it too hard and ended up tearing something and creating a hernia, at any rate you might want to get checked out if it persists.....I'm doing the same next week if I can get an appointment =\