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3 months ago I noticed a cord running down the front of my left testicle. This occurred while I was taking doxycycline for diagnosed epididymitis in the right one (diagnosed on the grounds of pain there for 2 days before taking it and strong tenderness). It really doesn't hurt (the only pain I ever have in that area is the rare slight pain behind the testicles, between it and the anus), it's fairly large-ish, runs down to the very bottom, and is only present when I'm standing (it seems to move in-between the testicles when laying down).

I'm familiar with a varicocele, but while I have no idea what a bag of worms would feel like having never felt one before, it doesn't feel mushy or gooey like I'd assume such a bag would - it's kind of stiff. I'm also familiar with the epididymis moving through the front from a lax somethingorother, indicative of torsion in the other testicle. While I suppose epididymitis could in theory have been a misdiagnosis, I'm told I'd have been screaming were torsion the case and what I can glean off the web would indicate that it would not have lasted for over 6 hours as the testicle would've been dead by then. I should, however, mention that I've no idea how I could have gotten epididymitis given that I'm a virgin.

The cord kind of seemed to go away the past few days, though I've no idea how or why. I felt it again last night. Paranoid as I am, I did very little differently on that day, and I don't think that can of soda I drank (I hadn't for about 2-3 weeks) was the culprit - I know it can re-inflame epididymitis, but of course that'd only work if it's an inflamed epididymis in the front.

So, I have no idea what this is. Hernia? I don't know, it seems connected somewhat explicitly to that testicle rather than just dangling in there. Cancer? No, it's not in the testicle, as it can move if I touch it. My dad assumed it's nothing when I mentioned it to him, and won't let me see the urologist about it. It's really got me freaking out.


Okay, uhm, scratch "no pain." Just today I've gotten this on-and-off pain there - it's difficult to describe, but it's a constricting sort of feeling. Quite sharp in some cases, often tied to moving my legs (such as 5 minutes ago changing sitting position).