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My Mom She Always Have To Argue With Me And I Hate Her I Hate Sieng Her Ugly Ass Face I Wich She Was Dead! She Always Talkin sh*t To Ne That She Knows Already She Dont Trust In Me On sh*t I Tell Her She Be Like If I Have A Bf Or Some sh*t Ill Get Pregnant And sh*t And Shitt Thats Why I Tould U Bout Suicide She Dont Get Tht Wat She Does To Me Makes Me Wanna Commite Something Tht Nobody Wanna Hear And I Dont Wanna Do.She Made Me Arodillarme To Be Honest On sh*t I Never Do Even Took Me To The Doctor To See If I Was Pregnant And I Wasnt Never Listened To Me To Have My Space As A Teen Telling Me I Dont Know How To Watch My Ass To Be Talkin sh*t Not Leeting Me Change Alone And In Are Room I Got My Room Well I Sleep With Her Never Leaving Me Alone Like If Im 10 Or Some b***h That Got Pregnant 1 Time Like No Im Not!And Desesperandome I Feel Anxious And Dissapointed Not Even Leetinq Me Wax My Eyebrows!And Etc* Its Not The 90"s We In A New Year I Have Talkin To Her And Teelin Her I Love Her Alot But Still Im The f*****g Only Girl And Child But Still I Cant Be Arrested As She Has Me Until 17 Like Wtf Noo Thats Still Teen Age And For Example If Yuh Do Someshit At 12 Yuh Could Do sh*t On 18 To And Is Still A Teenage Age Thats Macking Me Leave Her When I Grow And Hate Her Because She Dont Gets Tht Me As A 13Year Old Teen Needs Her Side Like My Mom Or That Has -__- I May Talk Like This But Its All Her Fault. Shell Just Make Me Grow As A Bad Girl Or Thot :'( If She Keeps Bienq Like That. Im Tired I Just Cant I Just Feel Like Havinq A Guy And Using A Condom And Do sh*t Cause Im Done.Done ,ETC*. I Send This To My Bff But I Really Want To Know What To Do.


HOPE YOU WANT MIND ME SAYING THIS BUT HERE GO'S .. Dear ScaBue ..  I can see you are VARY angry with your mother. I lost my mother  2yr & 3 months ago . I can here her my mothers voice calling out to me avery day and you my one day here the same thing your mothers voice. You don't say how old your mother is ?. and you don't say how lod that you my be ?? . All familyes have the up's and down's in life but we all get over it . I know that you need you  **SPACE ** .the town or city that you live in my be a vary RUFF PLACE to live or mybe not .I DON'T know ?? . I see that you say that you say you want to be a good GIRL . IF you are over 18yrs old and have your High School Dpl .way don't you go to the U S Army or U S A F  or the NAVY or mybe the U S C G  the frist year is vary hard but if you can cut it you can come out on top . I hope you will think on this it my HELP you.. Hope it will help you .. just tray to keep your COOL it work's for me .. IF you don't mined I will PRAY for you and you mother..IF there is a CHERCH near your home go to it  this is all i ask of you OK  ..I will close by saying good luck to you and yours ..with caring heart   chip dipe..I will live my :-) face for you hope it my help pick you UP   :-) :-