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Hi, I had a best friend she was the coolest and we always hanged out and had fun together but on a friday that we chill she stay over my house and as a guy i was telling my self that is just one friend sleeping over but to be honest i was lying to my self because on that same night we just happened to get in that mood and sh*t happens and think of this she and I have been best friends for two and a half years and i never had felt any feelings for her so after that night i go to her and tell her I am falling for her because when we kissed the eye contact we made and her heart beat matching mines i felt like it was real like she could be the one but after i told her that she started to avoid me and block me and not talk to me at all she just went ghost on me and now I cant stop thinking about that night and I cant stop thinking bout her and i cried but keep this in mind I never once cried over a female for anything what should i do i cant just let her leave my life like she never existed and i cant just be friends but if that`s the only option is fine as well what i really want is to be with her and i didnt kiss her she kissed me so i kissed her more please yall show me some light and some steps on how to get her back and make her se that i am the right guy for er??


Hey there, I have the same problem but well, I didn't stay the night w/ the guy or anything.. but ya he always avoids me n c**p its soooo annoying and im gettin the hint tht he hates me or somethin.... but... idk i'm so confused and I miss him soo much. I know exactly how u feel . :( :| Hope u guys r talking now though! :))