well me and my girlfriend been togeher for 7months now and theres a problem we r borth in foster care and live in the same house when we first met we were hella cool we woild go skatein chill have fun and we were jus friends at the time i was messin with my middle school ex robert things dent work out he was treatin me bad and i called it off my girlfriend saw how he was treatin me and she was like no and thats her cuzzin but at yhat time i dent knoe so after i left time we strted talkin we had the sme room and we coild cuddle tlk bout deep things she would always tell me hoe pretty i was ajd what im worth becuz alot of ppl dent see that so she liked me for me but somehow the word got to re foster mom and i had to be swaitched out the room i was relly pissed becuse i loved that room i think the other girl told her because no one eles lives there and now im across the hll now things have really gone wrong we arent allowed to be in each others rooms anymore my cuzzin tells me to leave her alone becuse my foster mom told her a bunch of sh*t nd my cuzzins dont know thats really going on i hate how all this stuff is becuse im confused why should i leave the one who really loves me for me plzz help