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Hi. My name is nadia and i am 13 and i weigh 140 pounds. mabye more. im in 7th grade and al i wanna do is lose20 pounds.i lost ten walking down the hill in the morning, playing basketball and shooting hoops during lunch time and eating a lite lunch and then walking up the hill at the end of the day in the hot, rain or cold. that was from august -november. now i have to go to the teen center. my mom works. my stepdad just deployed. i wanna wear skinny jeans and i dont wanna wear long sorta long shirts anymore. i dont want my mom always having to order my pants off of the internet all the time because i either ripped them because i have pretty thinck thighs.she hitsme everytime she sees a rip and she doesnt even try 2 help me lose wight and i ask her and she says that she doesnt have time and all she does is sit her butt on facebook all day long.i have also scars on my legs and my legs are kinda hairy and yes i do shave them but im kinda scared 2 wear shorts or high capris withour wearing long socks because of my small stretch marks and around my waist there are stretch marks too. i would do anything to drop 3 sizes. 2 go from a 13 in juniors to a 10. ppl tell me i look fine but on the outside.... no i dont! i really need help. and i tell my mom to buy veggies more often and get veggie trays and fruits but she barely does. she only gets then 1 time a month and im trying 2 raise money so i can buy my own small veggie tray and still she doesnt give me the money or help me raise it.
if there is someone out there that HAS BEEN in my place be4. please help me out.
or if u are just losing weight earing good foods like veggies and stuff u know...... please help me. please. :-) :-) :-) :-( :-( :-( :-D :-D :-D ;-) ;-)


Reading your post reminds me of when I was 13 and I thought I was fat. In retrospect, I was normal weight, however I understand the pressure and desire to be thinner. I admire your attempts to get healthier food and exercise. That is generally the key to loosing weight and being healthier overall. Don't buy diet pills or starve yourself. Diet pills will mess with your body's chemistry, possibly making weight gain worse in the future. Starving yourself will have an opposite effect on your body. Your body will think it needs to conserve it's fat because its not getting enough nutrients, thus you won't loose the weight because your body is desperately trying to hang on to it.

One vegetable tray won't do the trick, you are right. Can you go with your mom to the grocery store and pick out vegetables to snack on? The trays are expensive. Pick out fresh vegetables and fruit, wash and cut them up yourself and put them in little baggies to grab on the go, ready in the fridge. Its much cheaper than a tray, that won't last long anyway.

Also, keep walking, if you have a dog that needs walked, please take it and you will both get exercise. Walk a little more each day.
Also, we are all different sizes and skinny jeans should be banned due to the pressures they create to be thin.
Another thing, it sounds like your mother may not be paying attention to your needs and you sound a little angry that she is preoccupied with dumb things. That's okay, you have a right to be angry. Let her know that what she buys at the store is important to you and you need her support. If she doesn't follow through, remember that its not your fault and you are a lovable child no matter what.