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ok, so im a girl, and im 15 years old annd im having trouble eatinng heallthy foods i cant live a day w ouut eating som jjunk ffoodd. it sucks, like sometimes i dont eat anytthhhing healthhy at all in one day. i eeat brownies candies salami u name it i ate it. buttt im really skinny cuz i have a ffast mmetabolism. im just scared to grow up havving diabetes or breat ccancer and my mother kkeepps nagging me too eat heealthy but i just cant cuuz to be honest it pissess mee off cuz i shouuld be just like myy brother eattinng healthy and i hatte it!! pllz respond, anyone!!1 o.O


Geez... I knew I was feeling left out - no post on a bizarre and wonderful topic, no new chapter for our book...

Moms do that. Don't sweat it. We already know about your skinny problem, don't we.

Marines, especially in training, go through food that would make your mother wince, loads of steak, eggs, chips - cholestorol city.

Ask your mom what she ate when she was pregnant with you.

And take her up on her offer - say, that's great mom: here's my wish list, and come up with the biggest, healthiest, tastiest yummiest meal you can imagine... you can't lose: you're either going to be eating like a princess for the rest of your life (good), or she's going to run screaming when she figures out she can't afford truffles for her oh so picky darling (also good, you get to eat junk).

... hint: it's only 'junk' if your body can't use it. In your case, ms 100 pressups a day, you could consume a lot more without noticing, so go for it. There's a reason the pantomine favourite song is 'I scream for Ice Cream'

Eat healthy, take vitamins, and don't ignore your body's cravings - isn't that what her doctor told your mother when she was pregnant.

Good advice - so eat lots of good healthy food, and lots of what you want, and on average, as you can point out to her, you're healthier.

Kids grow - if they grow fat (NOT your problem) - there's a problem. If every kid could do 100 press ups (sit ups) a day, the USA (and Europe) wouldn't have an obesity problem.


... btw - post overload - I confused some of your details with another guest - ignore comments re: pressups, skinny etc. that was another hyperactive teen dynamo... anything useful left after you throw out the dross, delighted!

Take care.