my dad died 5 years ago ..and ever since i think my mom got lost and devastated i try all the time to cheer her up or to let her talk about her feelings but she wouldn't ..she always says thats she is ok 

we are almost financially broke.. we are all still students but anyways looking for jobs to support ..

my mom always starts fights out of nothing really . there was one time i think she went into a meltdown ..she started hitting her self for a really silly reason an accused us (her children) of being against her and hating her ....she always tells me eventually you are all going to abandon me and iam gonna be on my own

always thinking she wishes to die or she says she wants leave ...

now she's into Facebook to the extent that it became her reality ..she's always on the laptop ... the house is all a mess if my sis and i dont clean after school ...iam the one who cooks for the family most of the time ..ism the one who look after my siblings ... iam too tired 

my mom is always out with her Facebook friends into restaurants and malls..(and we are BROKE) i went into a fight with her last night because she's spending on unnecessary things .. she insists she ok and needs no doctor ..

last night i heard her talking with someone about getting married i dont know if i would wake up one day and simply find her gone

i cant take care of my 3 other siblings on my own :'( .. if i try to speak to her about the issue she would start shouting and screaming about me being ungrateful .

my mom used to be a wonderful person and a great mom .. but she totally changed after my dad's death almost as if she doesnt know what to do or how to live anymore..

sorry for the too much writing but iam just too frustrated .. i feel my family is falling apart and donnu how to fix it ..we are hurt too for losing our dad too u know but she seem not to see that :'(