Me and my husband have been married for 7 years, he is a little bit older than me,he has a daughter that is my age, me and him had a baby together and his daughter didn't even come to see her after she was born, I try to start conversations with her and she down right ignores me, she lived with us for several months and during that time out of the kindness of my heart I let her use my vehicle, she got possessive over my vehicle she would take it at noon and not return until the next day and I had to call her to get her to bring my vehicle back I have a baby and I can't be left without well this went on for months and me and her had made good friends she was telling me everything in her life and would vent to me and we would just really have a good time we constantly messaged each other on messenger well she finally saved enough money for a down payment on a car I swear the day she got the car her attitude towards me changed drastically, she was back to ignoring me and not even giving me the time of day, I felt hurt and I felt used. She then got pregnant and has since developed a nasty attitude towards me and my daughter she hid from us in the store the other day, I seen her and she didn't know I seen her and she hid from us lol, I got with her father right after her mom passed away, her father and mother were no longer married and his ex wife had a sever problem with drugs causing her to die at the age of 55 I fell so bad for my husbands daughter I have been so supportive I encourage him to spend alone time with his daughter I give her anything and everything she needs, the only time she will get ahold of me if she needs something she never comes over she stays away and has a very distant attitude before I came here she would always spend the night with her dad and they seemed close, she has 3 felonies and her father has paid her way through life she threw a fit when he got me a vehicle, she is now pregnant and told me that it does not invole me after I offered her some baby stuff, since she's been pregnant she's been really hateful to me and her dad and she doesn't want to be pregnant she got pregnant by this guy her father just don't like the kid won't work he just smokes pot and whines about his life he is 30 and he don't like me either he always makes bad remarks behind my back it's really childish, once my husbands sister commented my nail polish and his daughter immediately threw her hand in her aunts face and said look at mine, another time one of our neighbors commented on how beautiful my baby girls eyes where and his daughter spoke up and said mine are prettier and then laughed and said just kidding but I knew it wasn't a joke her jealousy accidentally slipped out. I really want her to like me but anything I do is never good enough she is causing me so much anxiety and stress and worry she is someone who is important to my husband and he loves her very much and I want to be apart of it to but she will no how in any shape or form let that happen, she is kind of reclusive she doesn't have friends, the only friends she's ever made were all guy friends she never hung out with any female even at a young age. She has slashed my tires before I caught her red handed on our surveillance camera. Her father was very upset, she has sabotaged my garden and anything that is mine. I'm at a loss here I don't know what to do, how can I stop this behavior and how will she ever act like a grown responsible adult. I think she is half mad because daddy doesn't support her anymore. And I also feel like she thinks I'm trying to be grandma and I am not I am not im trying to be her friend, last weekend she had a baby shower and invited everyone and their dogs except me. I'm hurt I don't know what to do