I'm 30 years of age i have 2 boys with 2 different fathers. My eldest is 13 my youngest is 5.

Here is my story and i hope that this can help others who are going through the same as what i went through. I went through my childhood being pushed from piller to post went to different schools never had a good education as a result of this. My mother gave me up when i was only a baby and my dad took care of me but he then had a drug addiction to speed in the mean time i was seeing my mother when she turned up and didn't brake her promise. They both pushed me back and forth between each other when they got fed up with me meaning that where mum lived i had to go changing schools to suit her life style. My step dad didn't want me around and made it known he was horrible to me all the time. When i was a teenager i was put into respite care for two weeks to give my mum a brake and then i returned home to my dad who then had his children taken off him because he wasn't taking care of us properly so ended up back with my mum who then didn't want me around because of my step-dad so i lived with my friends family. When i was 16 i met a guy fell in love well i thought i did and fell pregnant with my first boy. I was given a council house and we both moved in and made a home for ourself's. When my child was born i was so happy i fell in love with him straight away and i was the happiest i had ever been all my troubles went away soon as my eyes met his. Me and his father was together for 5 years and was happy until one day my dad repapered into my life asking for help so me being me said yes i will help you dad. It turned out that he didn't want my help he just wanted to use me to feed his addiction but i was to blind to see this and so because of this my boys father left me i was then a single mother homeless because my dad had used me and took everything i had built for myself. To cut a long story short my son had to go live with his dad because i had nothing the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life. His dad told me to stay away from him so i did, i didn't fight i just ran away then i met another guy who i ended up being with for 9 years i had another baby he was a boy. I was older more mature we had a mortgage on a house we was happy going to get married life was great but the sadness of my youngest never went away. The guy who i was about to get married to had a affair with my best friend who was supposed to be my maid of honour at our wedding and when i found out i was devastated after everything i had been through this happens to me. I lost my home i lost everything i had worked hard for i was left homeless but there was a boat i was able to move onto so i took it after all there was nothing else for me i had no help from the council no help from family i was on my own with a boy of 4yrs about to start school full time. I moved onto this boat i had no job was just benefits and i was struggling  to get by but i was trying my best. Then more bad news hit me the guy who owned the boat gave me notice to move out he he was selling it! I went to the council the council said they would put me in a shelter but had to wait for this to come free in the mean time i had to find a roof for me and my son but no luck it was the streets so again i had to see my son off to his dads. its been 7 months since i have seen him. They think I'm a bad mother there hostile towards me they call me all sorts of horrible names. However i am trying my best to see my child who's now 5  and i wont give up. Mothers who have had to give there children up are not always bad sometimes they have no choice. I hope that this helps dont ever give up hope.